What Is Noise Cancellation In Earphones?

What is noise cancellation in earphones? if you are looking for the answer then you have landed on the right article.

Nowadays earphones are one of the essential needs for an individual because everyone loves music and listening to their favorite songs.

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Although there are some technical terms that you have heard like audio driver, bass, noise cancellation, etc. We will talk about other things in later articles but this article is purely dedicated to noise cancellation.

Noise Cancellation In Earphones

What Is Noise?

We usually use this term in our daily life for eg. “Hey! Dont make noise”. In earphones, it usually means an unwanted sound that your microphone catches and forward it to the person you are talking with on call.

Have you ever hear that Zzzzzzz sound comes from the background when you are talking with anyone on call? That’s what called noise.

You cant hear your own noise while having a call but the person you are speaking with has to suffer a lot to hear your things, that’s where Noise cancellation comes in action.

What Is Noise Cancellation In Earphones

As the name suggests noise cancellation refers to cancellation or termination of the noise that your microphone catches.

Noise cancellation is not going to benefit you directly but it makes your voice clear and makes others hear you properly.

Earphones that supports noise cancellation feature are built in such a way that they only catch your voice and ignore the unwanted background noise.

Noise cancellation can be achieved in different ways like by using 2 mics in one earphone, one is present near your mouth that will catch your voice only and the other is preset far from your moth it will catch noise only and then the smart feature subtracts the noise audio from your voice.

It can also be achieved by microphone shape and positioning and some microphones come with built-in wind stock that automatically eliminates all the wind noise.

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Types Of Noise Cancellation

There are two types of noise cancellation

Passive Noise Cancellation

Passive noise cancellation is the one which is done by physical features of earphones like design and material used.

The results produced are awesome and it filters out all the irregular, unwanted high-frequency sound and provides crystal clear voice.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation is done by using advanced technology, it is performed by analyzing the sound pattern of the noise and then it generates the same anti-noise signal to cancel it out.

The final results that come out are totally amazing without any kind of noise and disturbance.

This type of noise cancellation is ideal for those noises which produce a uniform pattern, for example, a ceiling fan running in the background.

Active noise cancellation is mostly used in stereo earphones.


We have discussed about noise cancellation in earphones in this post. We have also seen types of noise cancellation and how they work.

You can take these things into consideration before purchasing earphones for yourself. If you find this article helpful then please comment below and if you have any suggestions for us you can tell us in the comment box below.


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