How To Take Care Of Earphones

The earphone is the most commonly used accessory with mobile phones and laptops. Most of the have the problem that their earphones get broken or stopped working within a few days, months.

Sometimes the earpiece in one side of the earphone stops working for no reason, sometimes the 3.5mm pin jack gets damaged and sometimes the mic malfunction, wire break down is also another common issue.

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How To Take Care Of Earphones

By the way, there are many high-quality earphones available in the market which are made of Braided wires, Kevlar cable. These earphones do not break quickly, but they are also expensive.

In this article i am going to share some methods on how to take care of earphones also i will tell you some amazing tricks to increase your earphone’s life.

How To Take Care Of Earphones

Wire pulling is the biggest reason for earphone malfunction. Either the earpiece wire is pulled or the wire breaks near the 3.5 mm pin. Drawing the wire breaks the circuit contact of the wire and they stop working.

Tricks To Increase Earphone’s Life

  • If these wires and joints are made strong then the life of earphones increases. There are two to three remedies for this.
  • Heat Shrinking tubes of every size are available at the electricity store in the market. Applying them near the earphone pin or earpiece, when holding the heat from the lighter, it will hold the earphone wire tightly and act as an extra protection layer for wires. This will increase the earphone’s life.
  • If you have a spring of a pen, then put it near the earphone pin and then heat it by applying heat shrinking tubes. This will increase the strength of the joint.
  • Use Fevi Kwik or any liquid glue to strengthen the wire near the earpiece. Apply a few drops of glue near the earpiece and wire joint and let it dry.
  • Even after all this, if the earphones break, but if you have a soldering iron, then you can also repair the wire carefully. There are many videos of earphone repairing on Youtube.

Precautions While Using Earphones

  • Do not pull the wires while removing the earphones from the mobile. Hold it above the earphone pin and then remove it.
  • Instead of ordinary wire, buy flat earphones, they are less complicated and won’t get damaged easily.

Earphone Care Tips

  • Nowadays online earphone cases are there, use them to store your earphones safely.
  • Do not leave earphones open when not in use. Wrap them and them with a clip.
  • Do not keep the wrapped earphone in the bag or purse. Due to this, the wires get tangled and become weak or get trapped and break.
  • Protect earphones from water.
  • Remove earphones from ear before sleeping.

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