How To Get Newborn To Sleep Without Being Held (5 Easy Tips That Works)

Hello parents, if you are searching for how to get newborn to sleep without being held then this article is for you.

Well, if you are a mother then this is going to be really helpful for you because in this article I am going to tell you how to get a baby to nap without being held.

How To Get Newborn To Sleep Without Being Held
How To Get Newborn To Sleep Without Being Held

Getting a baby to sleep is not an easy task as the newborn won’t sleep unless held.

So what you can do to make your baby sleep?

One thing that always helps is having a good place to lay them like Moses baskets.

When your baby lay down you can touch them gently or let them hold your fingers to make them calm.

How To Get Newborn To Sleep Without Being Held (5 Easy Tips)

Here I am going to tell you 5 simple tricks that can help you get your baby to sleep without being held.

Tip 1: Offer A Pacifier

When you see that your baby is going drowsy then offering a pacifier can help him/her in good and long-lasting sleep.

Pacifier offers temporary diffraction that can help a baby to fall sleep.

If you are willing to purchase any pacifiers for your baby then you can check these amazing pacifiers for your baby.

Tip 2: Use A Baby Shusher

If your baby cries a lot (which most of them usually do) then you can use a baby shusher.

baby shushers are devices that produce Shhhhhh… sound effects which is also called White Noise.

Most of them are powered by double AA batteries and are 100% safe for newborn babies.

This is how baby shusher works on newborn babies.

I bought one from amazon at a discounted price of 49$. You can also check the baby shusher price here.

Tip 3: Keep The Sleeping Place Warm And Cozy

Cool sleeping surfaces can make your baby uncomfortable and can spoil his sleep.

Make sure that the sleeping sheets are warm. If you feel that the sheets are cold then make them warm because cold sheets can possibly wake your baby up.

You can warm the sleeping surface by putting a hot water bottle for a few mins but make sure that you don’t over warm it as the baby’s skin is very sensitive.

Tip 4: Create A Peaceful Environment In Your Baby’s Bedroom

A dark room and a resting sound can help your baby to have a good sleep.

It is a myth that babies can sleep well ins a brightly lit room.

In the beginning, your newborn baby can sleep anywhere but as soon as baby starts producing their own melatonin it becomes very important for them to nap in a dark room.

How can you produce a resting sound for your baby at home?

You can use something like Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine. This machine creates an ideal sleep environment for your baby and encourages better sleep.

You can easily control it by your smartphone.

Tip 5: Adjust The Sleep Routine

It is not easy every time to make your baby sleep without being held, but it is not impossible to do as well.

The simplest way for a newborn to sleep without being held is to follow a routine with the same actions that take place before your baby returns to sleep after every feed.

Here is a common routine that you can follow to help your newborn to sleep without being held.

  • Feeding
  • Changing The Diaper
  • Holding The Baby Until They Become Sleepy
  • Placing The Baby On Their Back In A Crib

What Is White Noise

White noise is a background noise that can’t be noticed unless you hear it with full concentration.

White noise really helps babies while sleeping that’s why parents are buying things like The Baby Shusherso they don’t have to whisper for all the night.

Why Babies Love White Noise

As we now know hat white noise is but the question is why do baby loves white noise?

White noise a similar kind of noise that the baby hears from her mother and from other people.

Sound of the fan, blood pumping through the body. All are examples of white noise and the baby really loves it.

You can even follow some simple hack to produce white noise like turn on the hairdryer or turn on the tv.

You need to turn the volume a little louder as babies used to cry louder. White noise should be louder than their crying volume so that they can hear it properly.

So, Don’t hesitate while turning the volume up.

If you don’t want to do the hustle of whispering your baby for the whole night and just go for a Baby Shusher Device, It will only cost you 50$ but it is worth.


When can babies fall asleep on their own?

Usually, it takes around 4 months for babies to sleep on their own. But, you can make this process faster if you develop a habit in your baby to sleep on its own.

How to get newborn to sleep in a crib?

Just put a Baby Shusher near your baby and she will sleep on her own.