How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away [Vacations/Trip]

If you are looking for how to feed cat wet food while away then this article is going to be very helpful for you.

Having a pet is not an easy task but nothing is better than having a cute pet running in your household.

But being a responsible owner you should take care of your pet and the first thing that you should take care of is regular food supply.

It’s easy to serve them food when you are at home but it becomes very difficult to feed them when you are away or busy in some work.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to feed cat wet food while away. This may sound impossible but it is actually possible.

How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away (Automatic Cat Food Dispenser)

Feeding your car while you away become very simple with Automatic cat food dispenser.

How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away


What is an automatic cat food dispenser?

Well, it is an automatic machine that feeds your cat while you are not at home.

These machines are filled with cat food and then they are scheduled to feed your cat at different time intervals.

Sounds great right?

If you really want to feed your cat while you are away so that your cat won’t feel hungry then Automatic food dispensers are a great choice.

You can keep doing your important work or you can keep enjoying vacations with your family without worrying about your pet because food dispensers are specially designed so that your pet won’t get hungry.

They usually come in different sizes like 6L capacity, which is enough to feed a wide variety of cat sizes. Some feeders can even feed multiple pets.

The most important thing about these automatic food dispensers is they can work with both dry and wet food. This allows your cat to enjoy both dry and wet food by using a special wet food dispenser.

Westlink 6L Automatic Cat Feeder is a great example of a dry and wet food dispenser. You can even add ice in a given compartment so that the food remains fresh for an extra amount of time.

With these automatic food dispensers, you don’t have to rely on someone else to feed your pets when you are not at home. All the feeding work is done by these handy devices.

So if you are searching for How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away then Automatic Food Dispenser is the answer.

How Does Automatic Cat Feeder Work?

There are a variety of automatic cat feeders available in the market and all of them come with great features.

A perfect cat food dispenser must be programmable, durable and easy to use. Most of the automatic pet dispensers are very easy to use, you can easily schedule them using their easy to use interface and controls.

These food dispensers come with features like a timer which allows you to schedule meals for different time intervals. This means that your cat will automatically get food at the specified time intervals.

You can even control the size of the meal from 1/8 cups to 4 cups of food per meal. This is a very cool feature for different sizes of pets.

You just have to load the dispenser with food and then do all the scheduling process and you are ready to go.

Most of the dispensers are made up of strong material and their lid is locked tightly so that no cat can reopen the storage to steal the food while you are not at home.

This video will guide you on how to use an automatic cat food dispenser.

Additional Features

The latest food dispenser for pets comes with a variety of extra features. They are all equipped with the latest technology to make your feeding job easier.

Let’s talk about them one by one.

Wifi Enabled App Integration

The new generation pet feeders are coming with WIFI technology. These dispensers connect with your smartphone using WIFI and then you can easily control them from your smartphone using their Mobile Application.

You will even get the feeding history of your pet which helps you in analyzing how much food your pet is eating per day.

This also gives notification on your phone if the food level in the dispenser becomes low.

Voice Message Recording

This is an interesting feature and it allows the owner to record a custom voice message for their pets which will be played at mealtime.

Most of the pets feel their owner voice and they only eat when their owner calls them so this can be a great feature if your pet also recognizes your voice.

It also makes your pet feel that you are there with them and they won’t feel alone.

Meal Size Control

Meal size control feature allows you to control the size of serving based on the size of your pet.

If you have a small-sized cat then you can customize the meal size according to your cat requirement to prevent the wastage of the food.

Infrared Stop

Some latest food dispensers are equipped with infrared light which detects if there is any food left in the bowl from the previous meal. If yes, then it skips the scheduled food until the bowl becomes empty.

This is a great feature to prevent the wastage of the food.

Microchip Controlled

The microchip feature allows you to place a microchip sensor at your cat’s neck. The dispenser will only work when it detects your cat’s microchip so that any other pet won’t be able to steal the food.


I hope you got your answer for How To Feed Cat Wet Food While Away. Automatic food dispensers are a great choice to feed your pets when you are not home.

They won’t cost much but they are very useful and they won’t let your pet feel hungry.

If you have any queries regarding this then do comment below, I will reply to you as soon as possible.