How To Clean Earphones

If you have ever used an earphone in your life then there is one common issue that you’ve faced while using the earphone, it’s the earwax that stuck on your earphones and makes it look horrible and unhygienic.

It also makes the situation awkward when you take out your earphones in front of your family and friends, and they notice that dirty earwax on your earphones.

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how to clean earphones

In this article, we are going to talk about how to clean earphones, but before starting our main topic, lets quickly take a look at our ears first.

According to some online reports, the primary purpose of the earwax produced by our ears is to protect the skin of the human ear canal from fungi, bacteria, small insects, and water.

If we see it in the right way, then earwax is a good thing as it protects the human ear from various elements, but somehow, it also put us down when it comes to earphones.

Earwax Formation On Earbuds

When you insert your earphones inside your ears and start playing your favorite tracks, then a small amount of heat is generated by the earphones inside your ears, which melts the earwax present inside your ear.

The melted earwax then sets back on your earphone tip, and this process continues until a thick layer of wax gets deposited on your earphone.

It’s not dangerous to have earwax on earbuds, but it genuinely reduces the sound quality of the earphone over time, and also it looks dirty and unhygienic.

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How To Clean Earphones

Alright, we have seen the formation of earwax on earbuds. Now let’s see how to clean the earwax from your earbuds so that you can enjoy music without any disturbance and also maintain your hygiene.

The things that you’ll be needing to clean your earphones are a soap (dish soap), a cleaning brush (you can use a toothbrush), cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol and some alcohol wipes.

Note: If you got silicon covers on your earbuds then remove them and dip them in warm soapy water. After that use a cotton swab to remove all the dirt from them and rinse them well. You can leave them to dry overnight. Make sure that they are 100% dry when you put them back in place.


  • First gently dry brush your earphone to pop the wax out of your earbuds
  • You should your earbuds in an upside-down position means mesh facing downward so that any wax particle falls down instead of getting back into the earbud. Dont do it too hard as we dont want to push the wax inside the earbud.
  • After doing that, if you’ll still see some tiny wax particles then dip a cotton swab inside rubbing alcohol and tap it off and then wipe it. It will remove all the leftovers.
  • As a final step just take an alcohol wipe and wipe the earbud, this will disinfect the earbud and also gives it a finishing touch by cleaning its surface. The good thing about rubbing alcohol is that it dries very fast and it won’t get inside your earphones.

Dont use soapy water or any wet cleaning substance in this case because they can easily seep in and can damage your earphones.

Make sure you use a soft toothbrush, a toothbrush having a nylon bristle will be good because any else can break the small wires and can ruin your earphones.


In this article, we have seen a great way on how to clean earphones, also we have seen some security measures which you have to follow while cleaning your earphones.

If you have any doubt regarding this you can comment down below, we are happy to help you guys.



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