Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List – Official Updated List

Hey guys, wassup, today I’ll talk about fire emblem heroes tier list.

Let me clear you one thing first, There is no official feh tier list available on the internet.

Instead of the official heroes tier list, players who are playing this game for a long time have contributed to give the best characters list in fire emblem heroes.

This list is a collection of different opinions coming from different players worldwide.

So, if you have any character that is performing really well then just don’t dismiss him just because it is not there in this list.

fire emblem heroes tier list

What is Fire Emblem Heroes?

The Fire Emblem Heroes game is free-to-play, that is, you can play for free.

However, it has some in-game purchases the same as other games within the application that allows you to gain an advantage over the other players in terms of progress.

It consists of summoning Fire Emblem heroes, where you can play against enemies (story mode) or other users (multiplayer) on grid maps, which have measures of 8 × 6.

Its gender is role and strategy. To play it is necessary to be connected to the internet and make use of Nintendo accounts; This can be a measure specially designed to avoid the use of bad practices.

What Should You Know Before You Start Playing?

Downloading Fire Emblem Heroes does not mean you will learn to play. So before starting, we recommend you read some tips about the game.

how to play fire emblem heroes

  • Remember that each weapon has a specific attack triangle depending on the color, so you must learn to know how to choose the right characters when forming a team.
    Although at the beginning they usually tell you this, it is best that you learn it so as not to depend on the game reminders.
  • In story mode when you go to play a mission, the game tells you by icons which enemies you will find in battle. You must look at that detail to know which team you must create to face them.
  • Orbs are extremely valuable, so try using them with your head. One way to save them is to invoke 20 characters at the same time since the cost will allow you to save an orb.
  • When you go to make the final attack, you must remember that when a hero is the one who eliminates the enemy, you gain many more experience points.

With these tips, you will surely do much better in your early Fire Emblem Heroes, so don’t wait any longer.

Latest FEH Character Ratings

Legendary Julia [9.5/10]

Brave Alm [9.0/10]

Brave Camilla [9.0/10]

Brave Eliwood [9.9/10]

Brave Micaiah [9.5/10]

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List

1. Red Heroes Tier List


  • Red Breath / Armored
  • Great counter for Surtr, Duma, and Aversa
  • Powerful tank and weapon is effective on armored units
  • Immune to debuffs


  • Red Beast / Flying
  • Can move 3 spaces while transformed
    Skill grants guaranteed follow-up attack

Byleth (F)

  • Sword / Infantry
  • Extremely powerful exclusive weapon
  • Very high base Spd stat

2. Blue Heroes Tier List

Reinhardt Blue Tome / Cavalry

  • Extremely High Atk.
  • Inflicts massive damage to red units
  • Plays well regardless of party


  • Dramatic HeroineOphelia Blue Tome / Infantry
  • Can use her special from the first turn
  • Extremely powerful if she inherits Special Spiral
  • In the top class of Atk stats

Legendary Tiki (Young)

  • Can counterattack foes even when 2 spaces away
  • The weapon is effective to dragons
  • Amazing stats


This article was all about fire emblem heroes tier list we will be updating this post regularly as soon as we get some more information about it.

If you have any doubt or questions then feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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