Which Are Better? Earphones Or Headphones

Hello guys, hope you’re doing good, if you are a regular visitor of our blog then you already know that we have reviewed some of the best headphones and earphones on our website.

If you don’t know about them then you can check out the best earphones under 500.

Today in this article we are going to talk about which is better earphones or headphones.

So without wasting time let’s take a look at all the 5 reasons.

earphones or headphones

5 Reasons To Choose Earphones

1. Travel-Friendly

These are tiny, they can easily fit inside anything, a pocket, a bag. Its gonna go with you and you’re not even gonna notice it.

The other travel-related reason is if you’ve ever traveled through any airlines that you must know that over-ear headphones are not allowed in the flights.

I don’t know what the exact reason is but that’s one of the major reasons to avoid headphones and switch to earphones.

Earphones are easier to clean as well if you don’t know how to clean earphones then follow the highlighted text.

So if you’re on the move and you want something that can fit in your pocket purse or bag, in-ear is the way to go

2. Too Smaller Drivers

Smaller speaker units that fit closer to your eardrum don’t require as much power to be amplified, so in general, in-ear headphones are gonna be easier to drive.

You won’t necessarily need an outboard amplifier or any kind of fancy gear, just plug these babies into your smartphone and experience what they were designed to do reproduce sound from a tiny little headphone jack and amplifier.

3. Exercise Activity

Activities like jogging, jumping, lifting weights, these types of activities require a lot of body movement and if you are using some kind of over-ear headphones then they are going to heat your ears and makes your body warm, and I guess nobody like it unless you have an AC installed in your Gym.

If you will ask me which is better? earbuds or headphones for gym? then I will always suggest earbuds

4. Price

Headphones are a little bit costlier than earphones and they produce a decent quality sound as compared with earphones.

If we talk about the price range then for decent headphones you have to pay at least 1000 rs, if you really want to enjoy the music your way.

And if we talk about earphones then you can easily get good earphones from a reputed brand in just 500-1000 Rs. Trust me if you’re looking to getting at a low price point then earphones will deliver more for less price point.

5. Looks And Size

Just imagine you’re walking around your grocery store having giant headphones on your head that probably gonna spoil your hairstyle as well, I think nobody gonna roam outside with such kind of appearance.

While on the other hand, earphones are tiny and portable, you can go anywhere having your earphones plugged in, they won’t give you bulky look over your head and you won’t feel uncomfortable while roaming outside in streets.


In this post, we have discussed 5 points about why earphones are better than headphones, both have their pros and con. and the choice is always yours.

If you are looking for portability and want to enjoy a better sound quality at low price range then just go for earphones.

If you have any doubts or have any suggestions for us to feel free to comment down below, we are happy to hear from you.

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