How To Earn Money Online Without Investment By Clicking Ads

Hey guys, how are you all, hope you guys are doing very well. Today this article is for those people who keep asking methods to earn money online without investment by clicking ads.

Today in this post i’ll be sharing my best methods through which you can earn upto 1000$ dollars by clicking ads on a daily basis.

This is one of the most simple and easiest jobs available online, you are not required to have any knowledge or experience to earn money online by clicking ads. You just need a laptop or a mobile and you can easily earn by clicking ads.

earn money online without investment

You dont have to make any investment to join ad clicking websites nor you have to pay any registration fees. You can join any ad clicking site for free and start earning from today.

Many people from countries like India, Pakistan, the United States are working on these types of websites and earning a good amount on daily basis.

If you want to earn money online without investment by clicking ads then read this article till the end i’ll be sharing you some of the best websites from where you can earn dollars by clicking ads.

Earn Money Online Without Investment By Clicking Ads

These kinds of clicking jobs are called as paid to click jobs and the sites that provide these kinds of services are called as paid to click websites (PTC sites)

If you have family members in your house who know how to surf the internet then they can also work on these websites and earn good money from it. These jobs are available for everyone.

Online ad clicking jobs are never going to ask you for your qualifications or degree, if you know basic English then you can easily work on PTC websites.

Most PTC websites operate worldwide that’s why they are going to pay you in USD $, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot earn in your local currencies, no matter what your country is you can easily convert the payment in your local currency.

It’s my personal experience that if you give 1-2 hrs a day to these PTC websites then you can easily earn 300-400$ per day and even more if you work consistently.

PTC websites offer even more methods to earn money online as you can even earn by completing online surveys there and also by referring your friends.

How PTC Sites Works?

These websites earn through Advertisers ann they pay a small amount to their members who are working for them and clicking the Ads.

ptc sites

PTC websites pay you a small % of every ad clicked by you and rest of the amount is kept by them for eg. if the advertiser is paying 10$ per ad click to PTC sites then these sites will pay you 0.5$ – 1$ per ad click.

The duration of the ad may vary from 5 seconds to 60 seconds means you may have to open several ads for at least 60 seconds.

The ad rate depends upon the advertiser, if you want high paying advertiser then you have to work consistently for these PTC websites.

Once you have build up the trust then you will get even higher paying ads and you can earn a good amount from it.

To start earning with these PTC websites you have to first create an account and register on them. The registration process is going to be very simple and will hardly take 1-2 mins.

After registering you have to visit these websites on a daily basis and you will get paid accordingly.

In starting phase you will get a very low amount per ad click but slowly when you start building trust with these websites you will get high paying ads from reputed advertisers.

Once you reach the withdraw threshold which can be different for different websites, then you can easily withdraw your money through any payment method provided by the websites.

Top 3 Best Ad Clicking Websites (PTC Sites)

In this section, i am going to share with you top 3 trusted PTC sites from where you can earn a lot of money.

1. ySense


ySense is also known as ClixSense and it is one of the top websites whenever we talk about PTC website.

ySense is the most trusted and old website in online money making field where you can earn a lot of money by completing tasks, clicking on ads, completing surveys and many more.

At the time of 2017 ySense only have a click and earn method to earn money online but if we talk about now then ySense is no more just a PTC website, you can earn by different methods available there for eg. doing online surveys, completing offers and much more.

I am making around 800-900$ per month from ySense and you can also do the same.

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2. PtcShare


PtcShare is a new PTC website and is launched in June 2019. PtcShare works on a similar model of paid to click and revenue sharing.

PtcShare is owned by admins of Paidverts.

There are lots of options available to earn money online for eg. completing surveys, playing games online, referring friends, etc.

You will get higher Ad click rates on PtcShare if we compare it with other sites, you can get upto 100$ per click but the ad click rate depends upon the number of BAPs you have.

So after registering on PtcShare just try to collect BAPs in your account so that you can get higher Ad clicks.

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3. Paidverts


Paidvert is another trusted PTC website which is ruling this industry for long.

Paidverts works on the same concept of BAPs, higher BAPs will give you high paying ads.

After registering on Paidverts just start collecting BAPs in your account and after a period of 5-6 months you are going to have a lot of BAPs in your account.

Then you can easily earn 1-5$ per ad click.

To earn BAPs you have to click on Ads that provide BAP points. So these are my top 3 best PTC site list.

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How Do You Get Paid?

Different PTC sites have different payment methods. Generally, most of the sites use Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, and Perfectmoney.

If you want to withdraw your earnings you must have an account on any of the platforms.

If you dont have an account then create one and then link it to your desired PTC site.

After linking your payment method to your PTC account you can easily withdraw your earnings from there and later you can transfer the funds to your bank account.

I will recommend you to use Paypal as it is the most trusted online payment portal.


Guys PTC sites are the simplest way to earn money but it requires patience as you are not going to get high paying ads in the starting phase.

If you really want to earn money from these PTC sites then keep patience and keep working consistently.

I have shared the top 3 PTC sites in this article you can visit any one of them and register there to earn money online without investment by clicking ads.

That’s all for this post if you have any doubt feel free to comment down below.

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