Best Room Heater In India 2020 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Hey guys, winters are coming soon and if you live in the north part of India then you must know the struggle when the temperature goes below 10 or 5-degree celsius. To protect yourself from thrilling cold weather either you have to cover yourself using a blanket or you can wear some heavy warm clothes, but that also won’t work out when the temperature falls below 5 degrees. This article is all about best room heater in india.

So today I am going to solve your problem, well in this article I am going to tell you about some of the best room heater in India that you can purchase for winters to keep your surroundings warm. Well

We are going to provide you unbiased reviews based on our knowledge and experience, also we will provide you a buyer’s guide to choosing the best room heater so that you won’t end up buying a wrong product for yourself.

best room heaters

Well, the room heater is the most useful device during winters. These budget-friendly portable device uses a different power source to generate heat. A small heater can easily warm up a 150Sq feet room.

Choosing a room heater may sound like an easy job but actually it is very complicating. You have to take care of different things while purchasing any room heater. We will discuss them later in our Buyer’s Guide but before it lets take a look at 5 tips to choose the best room heater.

So before introducing you all to our best room heaters list, we want you guys to take a look at some of the points that you have to consider while purchasing a room heater. This infographic will help you to choose the right product for yourself.

room heaters buying guide

Top 10 Best Room Heater In India

  • Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater (White)
  • Havells OFR – 9Fin 2500-Watt PTC Fan Heater (Black)
  • Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000-Watt Comforter
  • Usha HC 812 T 2000-Watt Heat Convector (Black)
  • Bajaj Flashy 1000-Watt Room Heater (Blue)
  • Inalsa Blaze 2000-Watt Room Heater (Ivory)
  • Maharaja Whiteline Quato 800-Watt Quartz Heater
  • V-Guard 800 RH2QT-1000 Room Heater
  • Bajaj Delux 2000-Watt Room Heater (Cream)
  • Usha FH 3628 PTC 1800-Watt Fan Heater (Black)

1. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater (White)

best room heater in india This orpat OEH fan heater is ready to warm your small and medium-sized room up to 250 Sq. feet. The heater comes with a stylish and portable design with full safety features. This is an elements heater which is absolutely safe for homes.

This amazing heater comes with two temperature settings, 1000 Watts and 2000 Watts that can be adjusted using a simple twist of a knob that is present at the top of the heater.

This heater has a thermal cut off feature that interrupts the electricity when the heater reaches a certain temperature to avoid overheating. This feature gives a positive signal to safety.


  1. Long life heating element
  2. Thermal cut off feature
  3. Two temperature settings
  4. Portable and easy to carry
  5. Stylish look
  6. Suitable for small and medium-sized room up to 250 Sq. feet
  7. Comes with 1 year of warranty


  • Portable
  • Two Temperature Settings
  • Value For Money


  • Not For Large Rooms
  • Fan Produces Lots Of Noise

2. Havells OFR – 9Fin 2500-Watt PTC Fan Heater (Black)

best room heater in indiaWinter always brings those thrilling winds. To face such thrilling weather, Havells bring you this OFR 9 fin heater fa heater. The heater comes with overheat protection that protects the appliance from getting damaged.

The thermostatic heat control helps to heat your room in a faster way so that your room will get warm for the whole day. The heater comes with three temperature settings 1000/1500/2500 watts.

Havells has given 4 wheels at the bottom of the heater for handling and portability. You can easily move the heater from one room to another without any issues. The heater comes with 1 year of warranty


  1. Three temperature settings
  2. Total power consumption is 2900 watts(heater + fan)
  3. 4 wheels for easy handling
  4. Rear safety cover
  5. Overheat protection
  6. Thermostatic heat control
  7. Comes with 1 year of warranty


  • 4 Wheels For Easy Handling
  • Three Temperature Settings
  • Thermostatic Heat Control


  • Not For Large Rooms
  • Heating Power Is Not Effective

3. Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000-Watt Comforter

best room heater in indiaWhen it comes to toom heaters, Havells never fails to amaze us with their awesome quality products. Havells 2000-watt comforter comes with 2 heat settings 14oo watts and 2000 watts so that you can adjust it according to your requirements. This amazing heater is all ready to provide you continuous heating and make your room warm during those cold winter days.

This havells 2000 watts heater is quipped with powerful heating elements that can warm up your room very quickly and efficiently. This is mainly designed for small to medium-sized rooms and this heater will work perfectly with up to 150 sq. feet of room

Havells 2000-watt comforter has some extra security feature that turns off the heater when it goes beyond the desired temperature and we call it overheat protection. The products come with 1 year of warranty.


  1. Two heat settings 1400 watts and 2000 watts
  2. Has double overheat protection
  3. Thermostat knobs to control temperatures settings
  4. Portable and easy to handle
  5. The cooling fan keeps the appliance cool
  6. Adjustable vent angles for smooth air delivery
  7. 1 Year of warranty


  • Adjustable Vents
  • Two Temperature Settings
  • Thermostatic Knobs
  • Cooling Fan


  • Body Is Not Durable
  • Fans Are Little Noisy

4. Usha HC 812 T 2000-Watt Heat Convector (Black)

best room heater in indiaThe next heater in the list we have Usha HC 812, this is a 2000 watts heater which is designed to offer great heat to its user. Usha is one of the oldest brands having an awesome portfolio in electrical appliances. The main highlight of this heater is its 3 heating positions, you are going to get heat from three sides of the heater, left, right and front.

Heater height can also be adjusted according to the needs, the heater comes with two fan speed options that allow you to control the speed according to the needs. Heater has a built-in thermal cut off as a safety measure, which can handle voltage fluctuations that might take place.


  1. 3 Heating positions, Left / Right / Front
  2. Adjustable heater height
  3. 2 fan speed options
  4. Has a thermal cut off for safety
  5. Has copper conductors in its cord for safety measure
  6. Comes with 1 year of warranty


  • AdjustableHeater Height
  • Surrounded Heating From 3 Positions
  • 2 Fan Speeds


  • Heating Smells Very Bad When Turned On

5. Bajaj Flashy 1000-Watt Room Heater (Blue)

best room heater in indiaIf you are looking for a heater that is compact and can provide amazing heating during winters then Bajaj flashy room heater is for you, this heater comes with ISI approved so you don’t have to worry about safety measures. Bajaj is a well-known brand and has a great portfolio of home appliances.

The nickle chrome plated mesh grid makes it corrosion resistant and the stainless steel reflector ensures that the heat will evenly spread in the entire room. This heater doesn’t have any fan inside it instead it has a heating rod that heats up when you turn it on.

You will not get instant heating when you turn it on, the rod will take some time to produce a good amount of heat and before moving it to other locations you have to turn it off and let it cool down to avoid any kind of casualties.

This heater comes with 2 years of warranty and ISI rating. This is a very safe heater form bajaj and we can say that this is one of the best heaters in India at this price range.


  1. Powerful heating element
  2. Corrosion-resistant
  3. Stainless steel reflector for uniform heat
  4. Portable and safe
  5. 1000 watts of power supply
  6. 2 Year of warranty


  • ISI Rating
  • Powerful Heating Element
  • Compact And Stylish Design
  • Stainless Steel Reflector For Unifor Heat Distribution


  • No Temperature Control
  • Fan Not Included
  • Takes Time While Heating Up

6. Inalsa Blaze 2000-Watt Room Heater (Ivory)

best room heater in indiaWant to handle those thrilling cold days during winters? Inalsa Blaze 2000 Watt Room Heater is here to solve all your problems. This heater features thermostat control which turns on and off automatically to keep the heat constant throughout the day.

The design of the heater may not look good at first view but believe me this is one of the best and portable room heaters available in the market. It has a strong heating element present near the motor. The motor rotates the fan and the air passes through those heating elements and the air that comes out is enough to make your room warm.

The heater comes with cool/warm/hot air selection modes followed by an overheat protection module that prevents any kind of damage done by voltage fluctuation. All these amazing features are covered by 1 year of the warranty period.


  1. Cool/Warm/Hot air selection
  2. Adjustable stand
  3. Powerful heating element
  4. High-velocity blower
  5. Overheat protection
  6. Portable design
  7. 1 year of warranty


  • Pure Copper Motor
  • Overheat Protection
  • 3 Different Air blow Selection
  • Compact And Portable


  • Power Consumption Is A Bit High
  • Takes Time To Warm The Room Completely

7. Maharaja Whiteline Quato 800-Watt Quartz Heater

best room heater in indiaIf you want a heater that is affordable and can fulfill your winter needs by keeping you warm all day then Maharaja Whiteline quato is the right heater for you. This heater operates on two different heat settings 400 and 800 watts, as the watt rating is a bit low this heater is only suitable for small-sized rooms but also it is designed for low power consumption.

Look wise this product gonna win your heart and also the performance offered by this heater is amazing. this heater is equipped with two heating rods that basically focus on spot healing and ensures faster heating. This product doesn’t have any fan so it cant give you the feel of warm air.

This portable and compact heater are easy to carry and ISI marked that ensures user safety.  This is one of the best room heater in India


  1. 2 heat settings 400/800 watts
  2. Meant for spot heating
  3. Easy to carry and handle
  4. Dual quartz tube for faster heating
  5. Designed for low power consumption
  6. ISI marked ensures user safety


  • Low Power Consumption
  • Portable And Compact
  • Easy To Handle
  • Dual Quartz Rod For Fast Heating


  • Not For Big/Medium Rooms
  • No Blower/Fan

8. V-Guard 800 RH2QT-1000 Room Heater

Here we have another heater that uses heating rods instead of fans to radiate its heat inside the room. This one coming from the portfolio of V guard, V guard is one of the trusted brands when it comes to stabilizers and room heaters. v guard produces some of the best room heaters for home.

This heater consumes 800 watts of power and is capable of heating any small-sized room. So if you are a bachelor or an individual then this is a budget-friendly heater for you. There are no additional knobs to control heat settings of the heater but you have an option to use either one or both rods at the same time.

This heater comes with an auto shut off thermostat that turns off the heater when it reaches a certain level of temperature to avoid any overheating situations. V guard provides a warranty of 1 year on this product so you can purchase it without any hesitation.


  1. Budget-friendly
  2. Compact and lightweight
  3. Dual quartz heating rods
  4. Auto shut off the thermostat
  5. Consumes 800 watts of power
  6. 1 year of warranty


  • Value For Money
  • Portable And Compact
  • Auto Shut Off Thermostat
  • Dual Quartz Rod For Fast Heating


  • Not For Big/Medium Rooms
  • Build Quality Not That Effective

9. Bajaj Delux 2000-Watt Room Heater (Cream)

Bajaj room heater always helps you to survive those chilling winter days. This heater always provides the best experience in every aspect whether it is looks, performance, and portability, you are never going to disappoint from bajaj room heaters.

Bajaj room heaters are ISI marked and have all the safety measures to prevent any kind of casualties. The bajaj Delux room heater comes with two heat setting 1000 and 2000 watts so that you can use it according to your needs without any issues. Stainless steel reflector ensures that the evenly spread of the heat.

The heater comes with an adjustable thermostat for desirable temperature and the product comes with 2 years of manufacturer warranty.


  1. 2 heat settings 1000 /2000 watts
  2. Tilting legs
  3. Stainless steel reflector
  4. Powerful performance
  5. 2 year of warranty
  6. Dual heating rods
  7. ISI approved


  • Value For Money
  • 2 Heat Settings
  • Uniform Heat Spread
  • ISI approved


  • Not For Big/Medium Rooms
  • Customer Has To Fit The Rods Internally

10. Usha FH 3628 PTC 1800-Watt Fan Heater (Black)

Usha FH 1800 watts fan heater is another beast coming from the portfolio of the most reliable brand Usha. This heater is affordable as well as powerful, it can heat up any medium-sized room in no time. This heater comes with 2 heating positions which can be switched according to the user needs.

The heater operates on 1800 watts and is designed to save your electric bills. This is a fan heater which provides the perfect temperature in winters, the fan heater is safe to use because it is equipped with both a safety cut off that automatically turns off the heater when it reaches a certain temperature and a thermal cut off that protects the device from thermal overheating. This is our other best room heater in india.

The heater comes with simple operations buttons to adjust the heat to different settings, low heat, high heat, and fan-only mode. Usha provides 1 year of warranty on this product so you can buy it without any hesitation. This heater is one of the best room heaters for home.


  1. 2 heating positions
  2. Safety cut off and thermal cut off
  3. Three different operation settings
  4. Compact and stylish look
  5. Low electricity bills
  6. Fan heater
  7. 1 year of warranty


  • Fan Heater
  • Three Different Modes – Low Heat | High Heat | Fan Only
  • 2 Heating Positions
  • Thermal Cut Out For Security Purpose


  • Plastic Smells Really Bad On Heating
  • Fan Make Noise

Buyers Guide For Best Room Heater In India

Types Of Room Heaters


Room heaters come in a variety of models and if you go outside to purchase a room heater you will see a variety of room heaters. Room heaters are basically qualified in terma of heating method, technologies they use and the power source they use for heating purposes. Generally, room heaters are divides into three categories

Convection Fan based heater in which fan blows air which passes through heating elements and warms up the room
Conduction Coil based heaters, in which the heating coils lighten up when heaters are switched on and the area nearby the heater get warm
Radiant These heaters direct infrared rays of heat which produce heat and provide a warm effect to the persona sitting nearby.

Note: It is always recommended that you do research on your own so that you can identify which room heater is best for you

Power Type

Generally, room heaters work on two power sources electricity and gas, let me explain further about both of them

Electric Heaters

All commonly used room heaters like fan heaters, oil heaters, radiant heaters are powered using electricity, this is called electric heating. They work on a usual power supply that comes in your house, you just have to plug them to the electricity and turn it on, the heater will continuously provide you amazing warmness until it is connected to the electricity.

These heaters use electricity to heat up their heating elements then transfer it to your room. These heaters are considered safe and reliable for the user.

Gas Heaters

gas heaters use a gas source and an ignition like lighter or matchsticks. Once you light the heater it will continuously provide you amazing performance without any electricity, so if you are living in an area where electricity supply is not good then you can go for gas heaters. These heaters won’t add any single extra penny in your electricity bills.

Gas Heaters Are Good?

I am not going to suggest you install gas heaters at your home because they are not safe enough and have several issues. they are really very expensive and they use dangerous gas source which can be harmful to humans. Also, there is always a chance of gas leakage which can cause fire, so I won’t recommend gas heaters.

Well if you are still confused about purchasing the best room heater for your home then I have created this amazing table which will help you understand all the key points of the room heaters.

fan heaters Heating Method: Fan passes air through hot heating elements and the air becomes hot and then makes your room warm

Advantages: Much safer and are compact, you can easily lift them to different rooms inside your home

Extra Points: They can be noisy because it uses a fan inside them and there can be a risk of electric shock if you touch them with wet hands.

oil heaters Heating Method: A heating elements heat the oil and the heated oil heats up the surrounded air

Advantages: Suitable for every room size and maintains good temperature inside the room

Extra Points: They get really hot because of the hot oil present inside it, which can be dangerous.

quartz heater Heating Method: These heaters use quartz coil to generate radiant heat which can be felt by person sitting nearby

Advantages: Budget-friendly with powerful performance

Extra Points: The heater surface can get really hot, so it is not advised to use them near kids and pets.

heat convector Heating Method: These heaters heat the room from top to bottom. the air gets hot when it passes through hot heating elements and then the hot airs rise up in the room and spread across the room evenly

Advantages: They heat up the room evenly and very quickly. This is one of the best room heater in india

Extra Points: They smell really bad, not for people suffering from asthma and dust allergies.

You can also watch this amazing video, it will help you to choose the best room heater for home

FAQ On Best Room Heaters For Winters

1. Which type of heater is cheapest to run?

Halogen heaters and oil-filled radiator heaters are cheapest to run as they won’t consume electricity, while fan heaters are expensive to run due to their higher watts rating. The more watts rating a heater has the more electricity it will consume.

2 Which is the best heater for winter?

We have mentioned a list of top 10 best room heaters in india you can check it out, if you want to go on our recommendation, and we will prefer you to choose Havells OFR – 9Fin 2500-Watt PTC Fan Heater (Black) because of its higher watts rating it can heat your entire room within few mins, but keep in mind higher watt ratings means more electricity consumption

3. Are heaters safe to leave ON overnight?

NO, you should not leave your heater ON for the whole night it not only creates safety risk but it can also cause a sleeping hazard by drying your skin and nasal passages.

4. Which type of room heater is best for health?

If we talk about heaters that are good for health then no doubt Oil Filled heaters are the best choice because they do not reduce oxygen and humidity levels from your room and therefore they can also be used in a closed room.



So we have talked about all categories of room heater available in the market also we have provided a brief Buyers Guide For Best Room Heater In India so that you can choose the best room heater for home or office. You can choose any heater available on our list that satisfies your requirements. We will keep updating our list of best room heaters in India so that you will always get better content from our side. If you have any doubt feel free to comment below, I’ll be happy to help you.

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