Best Hair Stylers To Buy In India 2019

Hey guys, if you are looking for the best hair stylers to style your hair and want to give a good impression to your college mates, colleagues or your relatives then this article is for you. So if we talk about personality I think hair plays a major role in it, just imagine if you visit a high-class party with rough and messy hair what will happen? Nobody gonna pays attention to you and nobody is going to show any kind of interest in you so that’s why having a perfectly styled hair is important. So in this article, I am going to show you some of the best hair stylers┬áin India

best hair styler

Whether its a party or a school function we always want to look good, but for this purpose, we can’t visit the salon every day instead of doing that we can bring the salon at home just by purchasing a hair styler kit of a good brand and style our hairs daily.

Best Hair Stylers In India

If we take a deep look in this category then we will find that we have 100’s of options available but if we are talking about best then we have to take care of few things like which brand to choose, what features we have to look for, etc.
We will be talking about al these factors later in the post but first, take a look at some of our “best hair stylers” that you can buy in India.

1. Panasonic EH-KA81W Hair Styler

best hair stylersIf it comes to style your hairs then this is an easy task to do with Panasonic EH-KA81W hair styler. This styler is very sleek and slim in design which comes with 3-speed settings and 8 attachments. Using this hair styler you can straighten your hair, can create big curls, small round curls or just create a wavy style.

It gives you a salon-like quality at your home with minimum efforts. This is mainly a ladies hair styler which is easy and safe to use. It is very lightweight and portable and you can easily carry it while you traveling.

Quick Features

  • Silent operation
  • Slim body for better grip
  • 3 level speed selection
  • Comes with 8 attachments
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Light Weight
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Multiple Functions
  • 8 Attachments


  • Time Consuming
  • Gets Hot At Speed 3

2. Havells HC4045 5 in 1 Multi Styling Kit

best hair stylersEveryone wants to look best whether you are going for a party or visiting your office but visiting the salon every time is not a great idea. Here is the complete hair styling kit from Havells. This Havells hair styling kit is a full packed 5 in 1 styling kit, just imagine you can do perform 5 different functions from the same styler, sounds great right?

With the Havells hair styler, you can get any style you want in a few minutes with the ceramic coated straightener. The coating uniformly distributes the heat over your hair to give you frizz-free smooth and shiny texture.

Quick Features

  • Comest with 2 years of guarantee with home service
  • Ceramic coated for perfect heating results
  • All attachments come with a heat-protective insulated tip
  • Multifunctional with various attachments


  • Easy Styling
  • No Hair Damage
  • Multiple Attachments
  • Ceramic Coated


  • Not For Beginners
  • Straightener Is Not that Good

3. Philips HP8659 Kerashine Essential Care Hair Styler

best hair stylersDry and style in one go, that’s what this Philips hair styler provides to you. This product lets you achieve naturally straight and smooth hair while also caring for your hair by its Keratin lonic technology. With its innovative paddle brush, you can create beautiful naturally straight hair without damaging your hair.

This hair styler comes with a 2-year of worldwide guarantee. It comes with 2-speed setting so the speed and the heat required can be easily adjusted. The 1.8m long cord gives you flexibility while using it.

Quick Features

  • Comes with a paddle brush
  • Keratin care
  • Two flexible settings
  • 2 years of worldwide guarantee


  • 1.8m Flexible Cord
  • Keratin Care
  • No Hair Damage


  • No Extra Attachments

4. Panasonic EH-KA22-V62B Hair Styler

best hair stylersThis Panasonic Eh-KA22 hair styler comes with 2-speed selection for styling flexibility. This product offers simple and easy styling right at your home, so without going salon, you can achieve that look at your home. It contains a roller brush and a blower that styles your har quickly. It is multifunctional and comes with blower nozzle to blow dry your hairs easily. Because of its multifunctional quality, it can be used as a hair styler, dryer, straightener, etc.

This 650 watts hair styler can be used easily to style your hair as you want without damaging your hair. It comes with 2 years of warranty and a siliconized brush and blower nozzle in box.

Quick Features

  • 650 watts powerful blower
  • Multifunctional
  • 2 speed selection
  • Easy and handy


  • Easy And Handy
  • Beginner Friendly


  • Limited Attachments
  • Not Suitable For All Kind Of Hairs

5. Philips BHB862 Hair Curler

best hair stylersPhilips hair curler, all you need for bouncy curls. Salon like curls can be achieve at home using this hair curler. The ceramic coating adds shine to your hair and also it makes them bouncy, glamorous and full of life.

The styler tip is made up of special heat insulating material that keeps it cool, ceramic coating ensures uniform heat distribution and less hair damage. This comes in the category of ladies hair stylers.

Quick Features

  • Fast heat up time
  • Natural bouncy curls
  • No hair damage
  • Ready to use indicator


  • Ready To Use Indicator
  • Fast Heat Up
  • 1.8m Cord Length


  • Lack Of Attachments

How To Choose The Best Hair Styler

Choosing the right hair styler for you is not an easy task, you have to see various factors to choose the best one for you, in this section we are going to see how to choose the best hair styler according to your needs. We are going t take a look at some important things that you have to take care of while buying a hair styler

Heating Power

As we all know hair straighteners, dryers and stylers all work on the same principle, they blow hot air on your hairs to give you a new style. In such a case, heating power plays the most important role while choosing a hair styler. If a styler doesn’t have a good heating capacity then no matter how much attachments it has you will never get good results.

Speed & Heat Control

You are lucky if your hair styler comes with speed and heat control settings. If you are a professional then you must know how important it is to have these options in a hair styler. Excess heat applied to hairs can damage your hairs and from a beginner’s point of view, it is really important to have these settings so that they can have an option to control the heat and protect their hair from damage.


Attachments are the most important thing that will help in styling your hair. For each purpose, there is an attachment available. Some brands offer all the attachments along with the hair styler but some only provide the unit. So this is very important to check whether the band is providing all the required attachments or not. If the brand is not providing the attachments then you have to purchase them from the third party and that can create trouble for you.

Hair Straightener

It is useful to provide a good shine and a healthy look to your hair They can be used for curling and straightening. They usually press your hairs between two hot plates to straighten your hair and provides you the required look. But if the heat applied is too much then it can damage your hairs, so speed and heat control is a must thing in a hair styler. So its really important to find which is the best hair straightener.

Hair Curler

Using a hair curling iron you can create awesome natural-looking curls in your hair. For long-lasting hair curls just increase the temperature a little bit and you are ready to go. Just visit any party or function with awesome bouncy curls.

This video guides you on how to curl your hair properly. Have a look.

Tips For Using Hair Styler

  • Use the right attachment for the right purpose
  • If you are a beginner then don’t go with a high temperature
  • Always hold the curler horizontally
  • Do not hold the hair tightly
  • Do a proper hair wash before styling them
  • Always scrunch the curly hairs and blow dry them before styling
  • Use proper styling products for long-lasting style

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