Top 5 Best Granite Countertop Sealer In 2020

Are you looking for the best granite countertop sealer? then you have landed on the right article.

Nowadays all the kitchen countertops are designed with expensive granite marbles and they really look elegant and beautiful. To keep their shine for a longer time you need to take care of them properly

When you prepare food and do regular activities in your kitchen, you may accidentally spell oil and moisture into the marble.

This can reduce the shine of the granite marble and if the problem isn’t resolved then the granite marble may lose it’s natural integrity and sometimes ends up with the permanent stains.

To fix this problem the best granite countertop sealer can be the best choice. Granite sealers are made up of chemicals that bond with the surface of the marble and prevent stains and oils to enter inside the marble.

This will improve the overall quality of the marble and increases marble life.

If you search online for “best granite countertop sealer” then you will find a variety of them with different features and price ranges and in that case, choosing a right sealer becomes a very difficult task for you.

To save your time and efforts we have already selected some of the best granite cleaner and sealer for you. So without wasting time let’s start our review for the best granite countertop sealers.

Best Granite Countertop Sealer (2020)

Here is the list of best sealers for granite countertops.

1. Miracle Sealants PLUS QT 511 Porous Plus Sealer 32 oz Quart

Best Granite Countertop Sealer

The Miracle Sealants is one of the favorite brands considered by most of the tile installers and homeowners. I can assure you that you are not going to have any queries after using their products.

This top-quality sealer from Miracle Sealants can be used on any type of surfaces like natural stone, tiles, ceramic tiles and granites obviously.

The main highlight of this sealer is its unique molecular structure. This structure is water-resistant and has the capability of being water-resistant even in a continuous flow of water.

It is very useful if you want to seal the surface that are in continuous contact with water and moisture.

It provides amazing protection to your granite marble because of its high VOC chemical that can be deeply soaked into the surface of the marble.

If you are thinking that the chemicals inside the sealer can harm the natural shine and color of the marble then you are wrong. This sealer do his job without affecting the color of your marble instead, it enhances the brightness of the marble surface.

That’s why it is the top choice for most of the people who wants to provide their marbles extra protection without spoiling their natural looks.

This best granite countertop sealer can easily cover the area up to 1000 square feet which is amazing at this price range.

The company promises that his specific granite sealer can protect any interior surface for about 5 years and exterior surfaces for about 3 years.

This sealer is biodegradable and eco-friendly that’s why you can easily use it at your home and this becomes very important if you have kids and pets at home.

Users who have already purchased this product have declared it one of the best granite countertop sealers they have ever used.


  • Suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Biodegradable and ecofriendly
  • Safe to use in the kitchen
  • Can be used on any kind of surface (Tiles, granite, ceramic tiles, etc)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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2. Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner, Polish and Sealer

Best Granite Countertop Sealer

The Supreme Surface is famous for providing quality, long-lasting and result-driven products. Many people are already using their products and from their reviews, we can conclude that the quality of their products is really amazing.

This granite sealer is made up of components that provided instant glow and a sweet fragrance upon the use. No matter how dull and faded your countertop is it will shine like a new stone after using this sealer.

This is an all-in-one granite sealer which means that you can use it as a cleaner, polishes and as a sealer too. This sealer not only seals the surface but it also makes the surface smooth and provides a vibrant and glossy look.

If you use this sealer on a regular basis then you will get a finely polished surface with a shiny look that is going to last for a longer period of time.

This sealer comes with ioSeal protectant that creates a strong ionically charged barrier with the surface the is not easy to wash.

It is non-toxic and bio-degradable that means you can use it anywhere in the house including the kitchen without being worried about the side effects.

You can use it on any type of surface like granite, quartz, marble and other types of stones for sealing and polishing.

The sealer comes in a steel bottle with a spraying nozzle which makes the application very easy and effective.


  • Can be used as cleaner, polisher, and sealer
  • Nice fragrance
  • Non-toxic in nature

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3. Granite Gold Granite Sealer

best granite sealers

This is a quality granite sealer from the brand Granite Gold, if you have used any products from Granite Gold in the past then you’ve already known how awesome this brand is.

This is known to be a king of the sealer industry because it is made up of biodegradable chemicals and contains safe substances. This is the reason that you can use it inside the kitchen and the bathroom as well.

This sealer is made for all the surfaces so that no matter what kind of stone you have at your home you can use it anywhere. The company promises to provide long-lasting protection on surfaces that includes granite, tiles, limestone and all other different natural stones.

The bottle is equipped with a spraying nozzle that makes it easier to spray it on any surface. The bottle comes with 24 Oz pf the sealing agent and with easy instructions that will guide you about how to use granite sealer.

This sealer creates a barrier on the surface of the stone that protects the surface from unwanted stains, oils, water, etc.

After using this sealer for one time it will protect your surface for months. You can keep checking the surface and reuse it, again and again, whenever required.

The application of this sealer is quite simple because of the nozzle attached to the bottle of the sealer. You just have to spray the granite sealer on your stone surface and let the stone absorb it.

After that just clean it with a lint-free cloth and you are ready to go. Just repeat this process 2-3 times for added protection and wait for 1-2 hrs between every application.

This is made up of a water-based solution that’s why it won’t produce any kind of bad smell and odor after the usage.


  • Nontoxic and safe to use
  • Easy to use
  • Won’t produce bad smell and odor

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4. Black Diamond Natural Stone Penetrating Sealer

If you have ever used any granite sealer in the past then you should be aware of this fantastic brand Black Diamond. The Black Diamond is famous for producing amazing sealing products for various surfaces.

This Black Diamond stoneworks granite sealer provides high-quality sealing without disturbing the natural beauty and shine of the surface

After usage, this sealer leaves a pleasant lemon ascent that you will definitely gonna love.

This sealer is safe to use in kitchen and bathroom because it is made up of biodegradable chemicals that don’t cause any harm to your health.

This sealer provides long-lasting protection to your granite surface as compared with other sealers. It does not change the physical appearance of the surface and it maintains the natural beauty of the granite.

This product comes in different quantities so that it can fulfill the demands of different types of users.


  • Leave a pleasant lemon ascent after use
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Works on every surface

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5. StoneTech BulletProof Sealer

The toughest water stains and oil-based stains won’t be able to affect your granite marble surface after using this Stonetech bulletproof sealer.

This one bottle can easily seal up to 100 square feet of area which is amazing because of it’s top-notch performance and long-lasting protection.

This is a water-based sealer and it can provide protection up to 5 years as mentioned by the brand.

And if you are willing to use it outdoor then it can last up to 3 years.

There are some instructions that you need to follow while applying this sealer but it is very easy to use and doesn’t require any professional skills.

Just apply the sealer on the wet surface, if the surface has any water particles then clean them using a wet cloth.

Make sure that the room is well ventilated before using this product and children and pets should not be there.


  • Works on almost every surface
  • Easy to use
  • Covers up a large area
  • Lasts up to 5 years

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Final Verdict

That was all for the best granite countertop sealer, I have mentioned all the top-notch granite sealers available in the market.

If you will ask me then I would definitely recommend you to go with Miracle Sealants PLUS QT 511 Porous Plus Sealer 32 oz Quart because of the reviews and its non-toxic nature.

If you have any queries then do comment below, I will reply to you as soon as possible.