Beauty Essentials to Pack before Heading to a Pool Villa in Bali

Bali is an island province in Indonesia. It’s home to the most expensive coffee on the planet –  kopi luwak or civet coffee. Called the Island of Gods by the locals, there are also tons of gorgeous beaches there. If you’re already tired of the usual white-sand beach, in Bali, you will come across a black-sand beach. It’s during the dry season (one of the two distinct seasons in Indonesia) you should visit the island so as to enjoy its many natural offerings fully. It is ideal to book a pool villa in Bali between April and October.

If you want to have a vacation like no other, make sure that you stay in a pool villa with a full range of services and amenities. Verify that it has some of the must-haves that tourists are looking for, ranging from a hot tub to an in-house bar.

Other than the available facilities, it’s also important to make sure that your luggage has some important beauty essentials. There is never a shortage of sun in Bali, most notably during the dry season. This means that you will be able to get all the tan and vitamin D you want. However, keep in mind that too much exposure to the UV rays from the sun is bad for you.

Aside from increasing your risk of skin cancer, excessive amounts of UV rays can also speed up the aging process of your skin. The problem with premature skin aging, according to dermatologists, is that the majority of it is irreversible.

To make sure that you can enjoy your stay in a pool villa in Bali, stash the following beauty essentials in your luggage before heading to the airport:


Dermatologists say that you should get your hands on a bottle of sunscreen with an SPF of not less than 30. The higher the SPF of your sunscreen, the better it is in safeguarding your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Because you are going to stay in a pool villa in Bali and as there are lots of beaches too, it’s a good idea to go for a waterproof sunscreen. Remember to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before heading out, and reapply it every two hours.

Wide-Brimmed Hat

You can look stylish while shielding your face from those harmful UV rays by wearing a hat. Don’t just wear any hat that you find. The right one for the job is something that has a wide brim. If you want to exude a sporty vibe, you may go for a cap with a generous bill or visor instead of putting on a wide-brimmed hat.

Large Sunglasses

According to dermatologists, the skin around your eyes is fragile and sensitive. This is why they are prone to the damage that UV rays can cause. Failure to protect your peepers from the sun can cause unsightly crow’s feet and dark circles to form. A pair of large sunglasses is one of the most important beauty essentials that you should bring with you to Bali. Something with a wrap-around design is very good at shielding the outer areas of your eyes from those wrinkle-causing UV rays.

Others that can help minimise exposure to UV rays include a scarf, sarong, jacket, ankle-length skirt, and an umbrella. Make sure you pack these beauty essentials for a grand vacation without a hitch.