2 Major Types Of Scaffolding For Every Construction Project

Whether you are constructing a high-rise building or merely planning to repair your roof at home, you probably need to use something that will help you reach high areas with ease. For major or minor construction, repair, or home decoration tasks, you must have a scaffolding erected temporarily on your project site.

However, you need to know which type of scaffolding to assemble so you can have the job done correctly. The right kind of scaffolding will also ensure your safety, as well as the other people helping you do the task. Here are the two major options to help you decide which scaffolding type you must build for your next construction project.  

Fixed Scaffolds

Generally, people in the construction industry build fixed scaffolds beside a building. It can either stand as an independent structure or a putlog. If you erect an independent scaffold, it must come with uprights or standards on both sides of its platforms. It will let the scaffold to stay upright without the need for any support from the structure beside it. Yet this scaffolding still needs to be connected to the building under construction or repair at different intervals to offer support to its total stability.

Meanwhile, the putlog scaffolds usually have uprights or standards erected in the outer edges while the inner side needs the support of the building that you are working on. This kind of fixed scaffolding comes with flattened ends located between the directions of the building’s brickwork for added support, while the putlogs back a functional platform.

Mobile Scaffolds

As the name suggests, mobile scaffolds are detached, independent scaffolds. Mostly, you may find them mounted on wheels or castors that swing around and let it move from one location to another with ease. There are different varieties of mobile scaffolds that you can rent or purchase from a reputable scaffold company, depending on your needs. One of them is the swingstage scaffold, also called the suspended scaffold. It has a platform that you can lower or raise anytime you want. This is usually the first thing that will come to mind when you need a scaffolding to clean the windows of high-rise establishments. 

Meanwhile, the hanging bracket scaffolds usually come with horizontal structures backed by the floors of the establishment under repair or construction. However, this kind of scaffold needs the expertise of an engineer since it requires load testing and other critical safety measures to ensure that anyone who uses it will avoid any possible accidents. 

You may also find a catenary scaffold, a kind of suspended scaffold made with a working platform and supported by two horizontal and parallel ropes. Most of the time, you will see the lines linked to the columns or beams of the building. But those who use this will need to wear a special fall-arrest system to prevent accidental falls. 

If you need to use a scaffold in your construction or repair project, you must make sure that you are practising safety measures while suspended or on top of the structure. You must check out the scaffold first to see if there are any flaws in its frame. Everything must be even, and all the ropes are correctly attached. Also, always make sure that you are working with credible scaffolding suppliers, so you are assured of getting well-built items only. Thus, you no longer have to worry about accidents in your project site.